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There is no doubt that regular exercises and proper nutrition are important and needed for every person’s well-being. It inevitably improves our physical state and capabilities and mental state too. People who lead healthy lifestyle are noted to be happier than those who do not.

Many of you have heard that in order to train regularly and eat healthy one has to spend a lot of money every day. We at Tehotumanawa break this myth and state that these activities can be budget-friendly. Exercising consists of 4 basic parts:

  1. Cardio;
  2. Weightlifting;
  3. Stretching;
  4. Balance.

These 4 elements are equally important for those who want to always stay in shape. Alway start your training session with some cardio to warm you up. Do not neglect it because training “cold” muscles may lead to traumas. Each gym offers a variety of ¬†cardio machines the most effective of which is a tread mills where all muscles work equally.

The second part is weightlifting. It is a core part of the training cycles because it brings you incredible results. During the process you build up a muscle mass and burn unnecessary fat. Start with low weights or no weights at all and increase them with time. Use training machines for working on each body part. Include exercises for each muscle group during every training session. Keep a diary of your success and take at least one day of rest in between the sessions.

Do not forget to stretch after the hard work out. Your muscles need to be stretched to lower harmful impact done to them by working with heavy weights. Such exercises also increase your flexibility and make you feel better the next day.

The last element is balance training. Perform it in the end of your training session to strengthen all muscle groups and stability.

Remember that only doing all 4 parts together will bring you great results.